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Behind the Lens

Ok, so about me, my name is Kirstin. Here some stats for those who wish to read more:
01-Name: Kirstin Dougherty
02-Age: 23
03-Location: New Jersey, USA
04-Type of Caera used: Nikon N5005
05-Education: I've have an associate's degree in Lib. Arts from Glucester County College. Starting September 2004 I will be a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design.
06-Favorite Photo on the Page: I like the ones of the filter page.
07-Favorite Photographers: Ansel Adams, David Bailey, Linda McCartney, Robert Maplethorpe, etc...
08-Favorite Artists: Van Gogh, Worhal, the above photographers
09-Drink of Choice: Sam Adams
10-And last but not least: Piss off.